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The Failure
Horse Sports
Stables of Chilean Army Captain Gaspar Lueje, 1947. The horse moved around the enclosure at a trot so nervous that his limbs jerked like something mechanical. Fear stole his grace. At every stride, his left hind leg gave an awkward little flick, a remnant of the injury that had left a puckered scar on his flank. Faithful was good for nothing, and not even so good-for-nothing that he was in any way unique. Just another chestnut stallion, a racehorse wannabe who never had the speed, a dressage pr...
Horse Ambulation Designed for Human Benefit
Horses in Ministry
Originally Published on Discover Equus For the advantage of understanding how horses can be used as a therapy strategy for people, therapists have studied horse ambulation. Remarkably, studies revealed that the average sized horse's movement and foot placement simulates the cadence and length of stride for humans. The horse's cadence in steps/minute is also similar to an adult's cadence. The average adult walks at approximately 110-120 steps/minute and a large horse walks at a speed of 100-1...
The Olympic Disciplines: Part III - Eventing
Horse Sports
The Olympics: for many sports, the pinnacle of international competition. One of the most popular sporting events in the world, the Olympics are what thousands of sportsmen and –women aspire to. Of our many disciplines, only three have made it to the Olympics. Unfortunately for Western riders, all these disciplines are English: showjumping, dressage, and eventing. The series concludes with this article on what many consider the greatest test of a horse’s training and talent: the three-day even...

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