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How Children Have Enriched My Life

Posted by on in Horses in Ministry
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The Lord knows just what we need.  And for my life, He knew I needed the enrichment of the next generation in family life and beyond.    When thinking of my encounters with freckles, missing teeth, raspy voices or pig tails, I can only exclaim: What a joyful, rich life I have lived with so many little ones about me!!  Their trust, adoration, affection, and needs have been effective means of inspiration, encouragement and motivation!  And their struggles, fears and—well—even selfishness, have required growth in my walk with the Lord to respond appropriately or find better methods of teaching to guide them as I should.  On a whole, young people have been some of the Lord’s instruments to give me purpose, direction, joy, encouragement, and a reason to increase my knowledge and skill development from day to day. 

Even eQuest For Truth had its start in working with children and youth.  Nearly twelve years ago, I started advertising for riding students.  And before long, I had a little troop of “starry eyed” horse lovers arriving each week.  Some of my students came from wonderful homes.  And quite a few didn’t. 

It broke my heart to hear 6-12 year olds share how their Mom was in jail and their Dad was in prison.  They were “wise” in “facts of life” that shouldn’t burden the tenderness of their age.  It became obvious that the barn, a few horses and wide open spaces provided the setting to introduce Life’s Solution—Jesus Christ—to tomorrow’s men and women.   But—I had to “get over” the fact of not feeling comfortable in stepping beyond what I thought was a “professional” boundary.  I share the Lord’s work there, in my articles, But Lord I'm a Nobody! and Skillful Weaving - A Testimony

Children and youth came to me with their questions as we saddled up.  "Is a chestnut really a vestigial toe?” “What do you think about homosexuality?” “What do you think about evolution?”  “Did horses really evolve?”  “What do you think about Human and Chimp DNA similarity?” I was often amazed what ministry opportunities presented themselves while we were grooming a horse!    

As I continued to teach riding lessons, I became increasingly aware that there were not any Christian educational horse websites available that were grounded in Biblical literacy (at least from extensive search).  The evolutionists had beautiful horse websites filled with “life like” artistic license and sugar coated deceptive drawings of how a little bone could be fleshed out to look like an animal no one ever saw.  Most of the horse books for children all taught Darwin’s fallacious theory of eohippus evolving miraculously into equus.  I could not warrant misleading them.children-horseMy 1st and 2nd Grade Class in 2010 with Crumpets

God used young people as the inspiration of starting eQuest For Truth.  Hopefully, this website will only grow in years to come to be a one-stop-shop for horse education with the six “Fs”—Fantastically Fun Facts Free From Fallacy!

When you hold a delicate treasure you wish to protect it. Considering the gift of children in my life—I can only wish to defend them. 

We are surrounded in a culture that increasingly works to remove itself from God’s worth of human life.  Every day, in media, in the work place, in the grocery stores—people mock the idea of Biblical family and the dedication and fidelity between a husband and a wife.  Children are often shoved aside as inconvenient intruders on career and personal agenda. 

As Christians, we need to get God’s view and cherish what He considers a gift. Children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Ps. 127:3 (Mark 10:15-16; Ps. 127:3-5; Ps. 139:13-17).   We need to value the gift of the womb and protect it.  Yet, we also need to stop and think of the lives we encounter each day.  Children living today grow into tomorrow’s men and women. 

As Christians, we have a duty—regardless if we’re parents or not—to point the next generation to Christ and help them learn of the Lord.  None of us are “non-influencers”.  We leave an impact by what we say and do and by what we don’t say or do.  Silence and indifference also carries a voice and leaves a lingering impression.  Yes, the next generation requires training, help getting education and establishment in life—but more than any other priority—the next generation needs to be grounded in Christ in mind, soul and body.  Without a relationship with Jesus Christ—all those other “apps” available for "download" to life count for but loss.

America’s 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is approaching on January 22, 2014.  It has been said that one out of four children are missing due to America's legalized abortion-on-demand.  That is a tragedy.  Take a minute and pray for our nation that Pro-life efforts will be strengthened and more lives saved in 2014.  Think of the ways you can support parents to teach their children the ways of the Lord.  How about supporting an organization like ICR, or Texas Right to Life or Life Decisions International who work to uphold the sanctity of human life? How about investing in some Christian resources to give to young families?  Pray for opportunities to get involved--and better yet, do it!  Be active!

 Support life—because every life is worth celebrating.